Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Part Fish

I've decided somewhere in our family history we must be part fish :) My kids thoroughly enjoyed just swimming this summer away. Tycee took swimming lessons from one of our good friends. She did so well the first session that we decided to put her in for a second. By the end of the second session she was jumping off the diving board and swimming to the wall. Every night when she went to bed she would ask me "I go swimming wiss Allie and Trabis tomowow?" and her face would light up when the answer was yes. Believe it or not she also enjoyed going to swim team with the boys and playing with her "friends". The boys had a great swim season and they have plenty of medals and ribbons to prove it. I enjoyed it too. Every Saturday, together as a family, we were off to a different meet, and they also had practice every day. I was hoping it would have worn them out a little more than it did, but it sure got them in shape for football, our latest adventure. They definately take after their dad.

Pics from top to bottom:
Tycee with Allie at swim lessons
Talan doing Breaststroke (his fave)
Kaleb doing Freestyle leg of his IM race.


Cody & Ashley Godfrey said...

Tycee can already swim to the wall? I'm impressed! I didn't even put Brex in swim lessons this year. He hasn't even been to a public pool yet. Maybe next year:)

Good Job Kaleb and Talan. I hope you do just as good in football!

Wendy said...

Hey Tif! I LOVE your blog, super cute. It's always fun to read what everyone is up to. I just started "blogging" and am loving it so far. It's awesome to have a sort-of online journal with pictures. So here's our blog address:

Megan said...

love you blog and your family. I forgot your blog address, and just guessed--got it on the second try. Good address.