Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tycee and the DS

Tycee loves the DS'. They boys both got Nintendo DS systems for Christmas and Tycee loves to play "Mawo" Mario. One day I couldn't find her, and it was quiet-trouble. I was trying to sneak up on her and find out what she was doing. She had found Talan's DS and had climbed up on the chair to play. She so funny when she plays because she talks to the game, and says "oh man" or "Mawo died". She has decided that she wants a "pink DS" for her birthday because she's tired of asking the boys to play theirs. She is always making me smile. Can you believe she's almost 3? Where has the time gone?


The Buttars Family said...

Thanks for the update...looks like everyone is having fun. I think it is definitely true that girls mature faster than boys...I think a DS would be way too much for Bran to handle. Tycee is so cute...I can't wait to see her and Bran play together again.
Brandon will be jealous to hear about your baseball game adventure...he wants to go to a game so bad...I just don't think I can handle the sun and boringness of baseball...maybe if we got the royal treatment you guys had, I could handle it!!

homegirl said...

It's amazing how quickly the younger ones pick up on things! I must say Tycee is pretty darn smart!

Tycee said...

Man I was googling my name and his came up. I didn't realize there were so many people named tycee. Crazy to find out. Great name! YOu are LDS right?